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Be Precautionary In Keeping Pests At Bay

Be Precautionary In Keeping Pests At Bay

Humankind shares this planet with a long list of other creatures. In some cases, living beings of different species can live in harmony with one another and even develop mutually beneficial relationships. At other times, this long-running coexistence isn't quite so congenial. When the latter comes to pass, it's time to call in a diy pest control specialist to restore the natural balance of things. In between those two extremes, you can do a few things to help keep the wildlife from taking over.

Fill in the Gaps

From chihuahua-size rats to tiny fleas, bedbugs and ants, pests have a talent for finding ways inside homes. Thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom, looking for any possible entryways for pests. If you find any, cover or fill them. Make sure seals and weather stripping around windows and doors are fully intact as well.

Rethink Your Outdoor Setup

Keeping a woodpile just outside the door makes perfect sense for those who take advantage of one of the world's most natural sources of heat; however, it's also an open invitation for termites, ants, spiders and other unwanted guests. Move the woodpile further away from your home to help keep pests at bay. Also consider trimming hedges and tree limbs away from your house and moving any piles of debris because they can sometimes serve as bridges for invaders.

Clean House

Mice, rats and insects tend to look for dark, cozy spaces to make their homes. If you have a good bit of clutter, it creates the perfect spot for pests to settle down. Into every life, a little clutter must fall, but try to keep it at a minimum so intruders won't have as many hiding places to enjoy.

Don't Feed the Problem

Pests come indoors in search of shelter and food. Your home happens to offer both even if you're not intentionally inviting the invaders inside. Keep boxes and bags of food sealed, take advantage of zip-lock storage bags at every possible opportunity, transfer food from its original packaging into plastic containers and keep leftovers and fresh produce control secured. If pests can't smell what's on the menu, they're less likely to patronize your establishment.

Earth is a big place, but the human and animal worlds can't help but collide on occasion. Though following these tips will go a long way toward discouraging pests from coming into your home, some of them can be extremely persistent. For more information on preventative measures or help with a current invasion, contact Rocklin pest control.